Unlimited Understanding


You can never have understanding of any part of existence because all of existence is unlimited and your understanding is not.
You only ever have a relative insight into any aspect of life.
Life is eternal and infinite so at the best, you catch a sparkle of knowing or a shadow of understanding.
You cannot capture the whole thing because the whole understanding is the whole thing.
You cannot explain unlimited understanding because that is what gives you unlimited life.
You cannot sip the sea and explain it.
You cannot grasp at a cloud and then tell the world all about it.
You cannot watch a sunset and then explain eternity.
Be happy to be living within unlimited understanding but with full access to limited understanding whenever you desire.

Unending Unification


You cannot be alone, there is no such thing in existence.
You belong to an unending unification.
It is the one intelligence, the one something, the single entity divided into infinitesimal numbers.
It steps down and down endlessly.
It splits forever.
But always, it is an unending unification.
You are a part of this endless unity.
You are it, it is you.
Only your consciousness causes the division.
Your awareness is separate and this allows you individuality, for the experience of existence.
But your individuality is borrowed, for you are the one.
You are the unending unification, you are a single spot of awareness, an aspect of the whole.
Isn’t that wonderful?

Uncompromising Uniqueness


Humanity compromises every thing.
It sells its integrity for a dollar.
It sells its peace for a little power.
It sells its heart for a snippet of glory.
These things rob each person of their individuality.
Every time you compromise in your life, you lose a little more of your uniqueness, you become a little more average, a little less interesting and feed straight out of the hand of big brother.
There’s nothing gained except a few moments of fleeting happiness.
But you have undermined your very essence, your uniqueness, your true heart, your infinite awareness.
Your heart is an uncompromising uniqueness, you spit on it every time you yield to the petty temptations of the ego.

Singular Summation


Trillions of things before your eyes.
You couldn’t possibly even list what you can see and sense.
It is an endlessly, moving, mystical view before you and it’s simply called life.
It is not ordinary, it’s extraordinary, down to the single, simplest detail.
Life is a fanfare of happenings, colours, relationships, comings and goings and all happening all of the time.
Yet for all its marvels, it can be summarised simply, there is a singular summation, a few words that say it all.
Life is intelligence, one singular intelligence that divided itself endlessly.
Life is consciousness, one singular consciousness that divided itself endlessly.
Life is manifold, yet it is a simple singular summation.
It is all.
It is.

Unbounded Unity


You can look up into the sky and see forever.
You can try and imagine an end of time, but there is none.
You live in an unbounded unity.
You exist within the essence of intelligent life.
There is no existence outside of it.
It is the unity, the source, the force, the magic thingy that somehow holds it all together and expects nothing in return.
It does not want your praise, your holy prayers or even your respect, those things all belong in the hearts of the vain and ego-centric.
The unbounded unity cannot be swayed by sucking up to it.
Religions encourage such behaviour, it’s really pretty dumb when you think of it.
It’s like going down to the ocean and praising it, hoping that when you dive in it will look after you.
The ocean really doesn’t give a damn what you do, you can even drown and it won’t show any concern.
The unbounded unity is that, nothing can bind it and nothing can hold it, yet it’s there in it’s fullness forever.

Seeing Self

Your self, your infinite self, your eternal consciousness sees and knows everything.
You cannot hide or keep any secrets.
It knows your every mood and intention.
It reads your heart and knows your mind.
It helps you through your days with gut feelings, urges to act and even spontaneous decisions.
It offers an endless supply of whatever you need.
Trouble is, you can’t hear it for most of the time and the few times you do, you ignore it because your ego knows better.
It doesn’t have to be this way.
You can change it, by trying to remember what you are.
Ask your heart, your seeing self, your true self, the more of you that you forgot about.
Really, it’s only trying to help because, it is you, but you forgot all about it.
Now madness rules instead!

Real Honesty

Most people have trouble revealing their intentions.
They wouldn’t if they were honest.
Since birth, your mind has been mislead.
Now you are never fully confident, never quite sure about who and what you can trust.
You like to leave a little doubt for everyone.
This is not a good way to live.
It undermines your health, your contentment and leaves you ever-hungry for something to satisfy your mind.
You are missing only one thing, real honesty
You cannot achieve this in your present state of anxiety.
However, if you start to know your infinite heart, that blatantly honest, eternal thing that is more of you, you will have no choice but to express real honesty because that’s all it knows.

Quintessential Hugeness


Life is not limited to your understanding of planet Earth.
Intelligence is not stuck at the low standard reached by humanity.
It is unlimited and as vast as the infinite sky.
Humanity is stuck in a bog of its own making.
Instead of looking out into the infinite with its dreams, it has been looking into a mirror, admiring itself and its past.
Humanity is out of touch with the quintessential hugeness of life.
This essence is the wholeness, the completeness, the typical and the ideal, all as one.
It is within every tiny dot of existence.
It is in every atom, every particle, every movement of energy.
Man looks down, sees his feet, gets impressed and that’s it.
He needs to look up into the infinite sky and then to reach for his own heart to touch the quintessential hugeness of life.
Then this will take the heart of humanity out of the swamp and into the stars.

Quality Unrefined

qualityThere is a quality that has been tampered with.
This is the quality that humanity produces.
It goes through a series of process to refine the product until finally, it is at its best.
The first stage wasn’t good enough, so it is done again and again and again.
This is humanity’s attempt to mimic nature.
Nature is quality unrefined.
It is not polished, corrected and put in a shiny packet, it is born that way.
Life is quality unrefined.
It is perfect and then the life form that uses it, creates the chaos that it lives within.
Life is complete.
You are not and you don’t have to be.
However, you can live within the completeness of quality unrefined, if you simply trust it and mind your own business more often.

Prime Personality


I am intelligent life.
I am the thing that all other things have come from.
I am the prime personality before it is separated through dimensions to become unique individuals.
I am your past and your future.
I am your dimmest, furthest memory, I am your source.
You are a personality, a cosmic personality, this is your true heart, your cosmic essence.
This is why you do what you do and yearn to achieve what you want to achieve.
Your true heart is the gift you give to this world.
To reveal it, all you have to do is quiet your ego and your heart will sing.
Your infinite self is your true heart, they are one.
This is a part of me, all is a part of me, I am prime personality.

Primary Persona


I am the primary persona, the beginning, the end and all of the little bits in between.
I am called many things, god being one of them.
This term is misleading, it implies a personal relationship with me, and that I have one with you.
This is not true.
Your personal relationship is with your own infinite heart through your own heart.
You are responsible for your own well-being and this is done by learning to open your heart and let it guide you through your days on earth.
Let your heart rule to such an extent that eventually, you become your heart.
Then you will know what you truly are, an eternal something.
I am the primary persona.
I am infinite intelligence, infinite structure and the total.
I am the primary persona, that’s all you need to know about me, now it’s time for you to take the time to get to know yourself because you have forgotten.

Perfect Perception


You are blind.
You can only see to what you believe to be, the limits of reality.
These limits are narrow, they were taught to you.
They are unnatural and confining.
Your mind has been closed down slowly since birth.
You have been taught to reject anything not approved by big brother and to reject anyone who dares to be different.
Your perception is faulty.
Most of the time you can’t even see how lucky you are, how many wonderful things you already have.
Most of the time you are not appreciative of all of those that love you or your friends or even pleasant moments during the day.
Your blindness keeps you on the run, searching for something better.
You are ever hungry, never satisfied.
You need to stop for a while.
Slow down and look at what you already have.
Sit down and relax your mind, look into your heart and allow perfect perception to invade your life.
When you realise just how lucky you are, it will be like the sun rising after a storm, the lights coming on after a bad movie, waking up after a nightmare.

Noble Director



Humanity has been undermined by dark powers that control and enslave.
You have been lied to, mislead and tricked into believing the opposite to reality.
In reality you are an infinite awareness.
That information has been suppressed and your mind has been overrun by your ego.
Your ego is not interested in anything except itself.
It is self-glorifying, attention-seeking and never-satisfied.
This now undermines most of humanity and drives society in its insane urge to consume and then want more.
Beneath this layer of garbage, of false smiles and hollow promises, there runs a deep river of truth.
This is the noble director, the feeling to do the right thing, the urge to compassion, empathy between people.
This noble director sometimes breaks through when least expected and can quickly change the chain of events.
In cold business meetings, in a military situation, during a police interview and a thousand other scenarios, the noble director suddenly makes an appearance and just for a moment sanity returns and events take on a new direction.

Newness Forever


In the infinite, there is no duplication, no reruns and no history repeating itself.
The infinite is brand new, original, unique and different, every single moment.
It is newness forever.
Life on earth is restricted to the same old.
This is intentional.
People are stuck in the past.
Nostalgia is big business and easy business because you just keep putting out the same old products, time after time but with slightly different packaging.
Music is rehashed, leaving very little room for new and innovative works.
With art the emphasis is on the so-called masters.
Who said they were masters?
A government and then other governments and corporations agreed.
Now the old masters are products that go round and round the world, same old, same old and the money just keeps rolling in.
Movies are reruns.
Television stations repeatedly play old shows.
This is unnatural.
Newness forever is natural and if this was allowed on planet earth, the world would become an amazing wonder in a very short time.

Naked Truth


The naked truth is too harsh for most to face.
You are an infinite awareness, an eternal consciousness, an immortal something.
You have been hidden from this reality and fed fairy tales and myths to keep you distracted.
The foundational values in your heart are twisted and unstable, yet these are the ones that hurt the most to replace.
Stand up to your ego and make it face the naked truth, make it accept the idea that you are much more than you can remember.
Think on this many times each day.
Soon it will seem only natural and you will wonder why the big deal.
But until then, your heart is hidden under the mud of modernity and the silliness of civilization.
The naked truth is hard to accept but once you do, you open the floodgates to so much understanding from your heart.
Then you will start to remember.
Once you accept the naked truth, you cannot turn your back on it, it’s too raw!

Intangible individuality


You cannot properly define yourself, you exist on too many levels.
You do not see the depth of your heart or the true character of your infinite self when you are standing in a body peering out into a limited world.
Your individuality is intangible, it is beyond mere words.
It is a drive, a sense of purpose, a sense of reason for being.
A few words can give you a glimpse.
Keep asking your heart and you might discover them.
But remember, a glimpse is not the view.
Your true heart words are mere hints of your infinite depth.
They are poor reflections of the real thing.
So don’t get carried away with your words, they are only an approximate guide, not the map.
Your infinite heart has intangible individuality, it is vast in its scope and exciting in its purpose.

Jewelled Revelation


Your life is full of revelations, your mind is too busy to notice.
Jewelled wonders litter the path you walk upon each day but if you are preoccupied with noise, obsessions, entertainment and worries, you will not see them.
Life is not hidden from you, you are simply blind to it.
You are conditioned to reject anything that seems odd, alien or strange.
Instead of picking up these gems, you are avoiding them.
You have been taught to mistrust the unusual.
If something is not approved by the media, it mustn’t be true.
So many treasures are trampled on daily as you climb your frustrating hills to nowhere.
Instead of taking the time to consider rare oddities, you mock them and quickly move on, in case they tarnish your vain mind.
Your vanity blinds you to anything that is not conventional.
This world is a scam, a con, a trick.
It is a big delusion.
It doesn’t have to be.
You can learn to see through its falseness if you wish.
You can pick up the jewelled revelations along your path if you decide to.
But, the chances are you won’t and the chances are that you will even forget this writing in two minutes time.

Mystical Mind


I am a mystical mind, a mystery to even myself.
I am infinite and eternal, yet I can confine parts of myself to a human body when I desire.
The human mind cannot comprehend my mystical nature and hence the development of religions and philosophies of all types.
They are rudimentary attempts to understand my mystical mind.
However, these poor substitutes for truth only drive a wider wedge between you and I.
I am you, we are not separate, I am not some arrogant god on a throne ruling with a cold heart.
I am you.
I am all of the things you love, all of the things that make you feel safe.
I am the reasons that you live and the future you will arrive at.
While you are in a human body, you cannot know my mystical mind, but that is only temporary.
You should be searching for ways of escaping from the heavy layer of black lies that you have been forced to live under.
So that once again you can touch my mystical mind and know that we were never apart.

Supreme Selflessness

You can’t find god, or source or life intelligence.
You can’t isolate some aspect of life and say that’s it, that’s the god thing that runs it all.
Life is everything, the ugly as well as the beautiful.
Life is disgusting as well a the attractive.
Life is dark and mean, life is bright and happy.
It has no preferences, it has no holy corners or special buildings it favours
It has no people it favours.
Holy fools or spiritual super men have no special relationship to it.
Life is supreme selflessness.
Everything happens within it, without exception.
Everything is it, without exception.
So when you want to wage wars with the bad guys, you are only waging it with yourself.

Perpetual Perspective


Look up into the sky.
It’s infinite.
That means that it goes on forever, there is no end to it.
Within the infinite, there is no time, it is eternal.
You are already in the eternal, even though religions claim that you’ll have to die before you can get there.
You are already in eternity but your outlook is limited, you can’t see it.
It can change, you can alter the way you see reality.
It only takes a little practice and a little regular time thinking about your true essence, your infinite heart.
You have to regain your perpetual perspective, the ability to see from a larger point of view, you need to broaden your mind.
At the moment your mind is very narrow through years of false training, it can change.
It all starts with a desire to remember what you are.
Ask your heart, your infinite heart, that’s how you start to regain a perpetual perspective.