Intelligent idea


Existence is the result of one, simple but spectacularly brilliant, intelligent idea.
The whole of existence began with a thought in the 10th. dimension.
Far, far from practically life, something, infinities from here and dimensions above daily life, something thought of an idea that cascaded down the dimensions and created life as you see it everywhere around.
This first idea, so far from here, tickled the emptiness of perfection and cosmoses, galaxies, eternities and infinities are the result.
This first idea is deeply embedded in all of existence.
In every dimension, in every atom, in every tiny burst of energy, at the heart of all things, is the intelligent idea.
The intelligent idea is completeness, the beginning and the end.

Infinite something

infinite something

You cannot use words to describe what only the infinite heart can understand.
People love to use the word ‘god’ to describe the unknown power that is the core of their belief in something else.
The word ‘god’ is a dangerous word to use, because it arouses powerful emotions in most people.
Many extend these emotions to ridiculous lengths and insist in trying to enforce it on others.
The infinite cannot be contained.
It is more than a human’s imagination.
It is bigger than you can envisage.
There are no words that can encapsulate its essence.
Words belong in the physical world, the thing being described has no limits.
It is infinite and it is something, work out the details yourself.
What you understand is all that is true.
Truth is your personal interpretation , it is not universal.
Infinite something probably doesn’t give a damn what you call him, her, it or them.
The main thing is, that you think about it, her/him or them and expand your mind.
You need to try and get out of the little pigs pen that your mind has been kept in for eons.
You need to broaden your perspective and depend less on words and more on your heart, your infinite heart.

Individual Infiniteness


Your individuality is infinite.
Your core is unique.
You true heart will never be lost.
Life does not repeat itself or double up in its designs.
Life is unique and brand new, incessantly.
Intelligent life is infinite in its scope, it has no need to repeat.
Your individual infiniteness is the unique stamp on your being.
It is your purpose for existing.
Your job is to explore whole universes wearing this particular coloured coat.
Nobody else has one like it.
This is your oddness or weirdness, your strangeness.
Rejoice in it.
Your individual infiniteness is your ticket to adventure across forever.
You are the only emissary expressing your particular true heart.
This planet has hidden the knowledge of your true name but it cannot hide it from your heart, turn to it now and seek to know your true name, your individual infiniteness.

Incessant Individuality

incessant individuality

You do not lose anything when you choose to listen to your heart.
You might lose interest in some of the inane entertainments that humanity uses to waste away its days but you will not lose your identity, your character, your individuality.
You will probably lose your vain interpretations of yourself, but they are trivial and superficial.
You have a heart, a true heart, a unique and infinite heart.
This is your eternal awareness, the thing that is your incessant individuality, your eternal personality.
Your individuality is the color combination you wear as a cloak, it is the unique song you sing to all you meet, it is the set of footprints you leave across the cosmos.
Eternity is made up of beings that are infinitely different.
Nothing and nobody is repeated.
No matter what world you choose to inhabit or what body you drift around in, you will still be you.
Not the human you, but the you at the heart of your human-ness.
The you that you cannot help but express, the you that drives you to do things your way.
Behind the foolish facade of your human conformity, you have an incessant personality, explore it!

Incalculable Insight

incalculable insight

Imagine if you were a time traveller from the 17th. century.
Imagine yourself, standing at the end of a factory that produced laptops.
You have never seen one before and you pick up the finished article and try and work out who invented it, who built it, what does it do and how does it work?
It would be impossible to understand.
Life is a bit like that, you are at the end of the factory production line.
When you look in a mirror, you are seeing a finished product.
Life intelligent is full of incalculable insight but humanity barely touches this intelligence.
It prefers to use unreliable memories and circus tricks from its own mind.
Your infinite heart has more answers than questions asked.
It is an endless source of insight, information, understanding and delight.
You can access it readily from your heart after just a little practice.
Sit quietly, expect nothing and let your heart whisper.
It is full of incalculable insight, it is the designer, the builder and the purpose behind the finished product, you.

Imaginative Magnificence


Imagination creates systems, unleashes ideas, releases hearts and changes men’s minds.
Imagination is the tool that brings about change.
Imagination ignores the rules and creates new scenarios, new ideas and even new worlds.
Your eternal awareness rides on a wave of imaginative magnificence.
Every now and then, you need to get out of the rut of conventional thinking and let your mind play with ridiculous ideas.
Convention has subdued your creative thinking.
Fear of ridicule has squashed many of your unique solutions.
Your heart is a fountain of innovation.
It is the doorway to a river of imaginative magnificence.
All you have to do is ask.
Stop relying on your mind, it is asleep.
Stop depending on your brain, it is locked into the past.
Instead talk to your heart, your infinite heart.
It is the link to your infinite consciousness, that immortal, intelligent part of you that you had forgotten.
Go on ask it something.

Higher Goodness

Higher goodness

Higher goodness is not higher because it is some sort of special award for your holiness.
Higher goodness is higher because it lifts your life higher, it lifts your spirits higher.
Conventional life is a drag.
It is drab and demanding.
It is lowly and debilitating.
You don’t have to march to this miserable melody.
You have the power to change the level of your life.
You can lift yourself out of the sticky mud of tradition and rise to the higher goodness in your heart.
Higher goodness is a choice.
It is not luck or good timing or a gift from some demented god who loves you particularly.
Your infinite heart is full to overflowing with goodness, all you have to do is stop every now and then and sip from its outflowing stream.
Stop for a while and sit quietly so that your heart has a chance to spread its endless goodness into your life.
Get the point?
Stop for a while, you are on a crazy, dangerous treadmill that will only ever take you down.
Trust your heart, it’s you, more of you.

Happiness Heart


Happiness is contentment mixed with gratitude.
Happiness is peace kissed by laughter.
Happiness is serenity tickled by clarity.
Your true heart is happy, it is fulfilled and complete.
Your physical heart is desperate, it is lost and troubled.
Your ego causes you confusion, it lies and justifies foolishness.
It endlessly demands attention and is forever dissatisfied.
It’s your ego, nobody else can do anything about it.
It’s up to you to take control, so that your true happiness heart can lighten your day.
Take more time for peace.
Stop rushing everywhere.
Go out into the country sometimes and listen to nature.
It’s not that difficult to make room for a little peace in your heart.
Only when you make peace, can peace flood into your life.
Then all of the extras will flow with it and give you a true happiness heart.

Greatness Fulfilled

greatness fulfilled

It’s easy to feel that life let’s you down and that everything is wretched.
It’s easy to get lost in your own emotions.
You have to fight these feelings.
Don’t fall into the arms of the enemy, it will only make things worse.
Your heart is the doorway to greatness fulfilled.
It contains all of the highest goals achieved, all of the most honourable mountains climbed and all of the most wonderful moments completed.
It is greatness, not the earthly kind that is always accompanied by ego.
This is true greatness, greatness for the greater good of the cosmos.
This world has no space for greatness at the moment.
There are no statesmen, no heart-felt leaders, no honor or honesty in business.
Humanity has sold out and is left with mediocrity and an insatiable lust for money.
But all is not lost, you can always find greatness through the infinite something that you are but you have to seek it.
It will not just present itself, you have to become it to know it.
Then it is not greatness it is a naturalness.
The higher moral values in life should be natural but on earth they are mocked and seen as a path for losers.
Existence is greatness fulfilled but you will not find it until you seek to become it.

Grand Designer

grand designer

There is a beautiful structure to life.
Nothing is separate, somehow, often in the strangest way, all things are connected.
You are taught either it’s all luck or some handsome god guy just put it all together in a few days then left the humans in charge.
Neither of these stories hold up to scrutiny, but since most people never bother looking, either story satisfies the masses.
There is a sort of grand designer, but not that old guy who posed for some of those 17th. century paintings.
No, the designer is the design.
Existence is the beginner, the first source, the original idea.
Existence is an infinite intelligence, an unknown grand designer, a thing unseen, a force indescribable, a wonder too great to ever comprehend.
The design is the designer, there is no separation.
The structure of life is life itself, it cannot be known.
Can the air know the breeze?
Can the water know the current?
Can the smoke know the flame?
The design cannot know the designer.
They are one the same but different expressions.
They are the same face but from opposite sides.
There is a beautiful structure to life, must be a beautiful grand designer that did it.

Giving Wholeness


The universe, life intelligence, infinite awareness, does not take, it gives.
It gives you existence.
It gives eternity to play within and within this openness is wholeness, fulfilment and completeness.
Everything that could ever be sought is there, right now.
Reality is wholly complete, waiting for you to bring what you desire into being.
In the infinite, this is natural and the way of things.
On this world, this ability has been diluted to such an extent, that it only happens erratically.
You are missing out on the giving wholeness of the infinite.
You have forgotten what you are and what you have and what is available.
You are trapped in your mind with your ego holding a gun at your head, threatening to embarrass you, should you decide to get off the boring and safe path of tradition.
Tradition has trapped you.
The only way out is through your heart.
Escape today and turn to your heart.
Be open to the giving wholeness of forever.

Fundamental Fullness

&fundamental fullness

There are no more vacancies within the infinite.
Every spot, space, corner and room is full, full to the limit, maybe full to beyond the limit, for there are no limits in the infinite.
It is spread out further than the senses can comprehend and deeper than itself.
It penetrates other dimensions, leaving no place empty of fundamental fullness.
The essence of life, the intelligence of existence, fundamental fullness, fills existence with it’s indefinable essence.
This essence pours across the eternal, like a continual tidal wave bringing nutrients and change for all without exception.
Fundamental fullness is the air you breathe, the earth you walk upon and the very thoughts you think.
It is the laughter in the stillness, the happiness in the darkness and the sunshine through the rain.
It is all things imagined and all things impossible to consider.
Fundamental fullness fills your life.

First Source

first source

In the beginning was an idea.
It considered itself, then existence became real.
Dimensions below first source’s first thought burst into being.
Worlds within dimensions were created from this spontaneous outburst of consideration.
Life in its myriad of forms spread like wildfire across a wilderness, painting the eternal with colours and forms, rich with diversity.
A brief moment later, existence was complete.
Now, it is played out forever, as first consciousness gives birth to further consciousness and sends it out into the far reaches of itself to explore, play and expand through change.
These consciousnesses become self-aware and for eons marvel at themselves before remembering what they are.
Then they rush to return, eager to be the first source again.

Fathomless Fulfilment


What you see in the infinite is determined by what you seek.
If you seek happiness, fulfilment, intelligent insight, then you will find it.
If you seek nothing but an expansion of your own being, you will find it.
You have freedom, unlimited freedom, if you can control your imagination and trust your infinite heart.
On planet earth, you have very little freedom and you are taught that this is normal, it isn’t.
You have the right to infinite freedom and fathomless fulfilment but you have lost the understanding of these things.
You can’t look for what you don’t remember losing.
Everything on earth is a limitation.
Your body is heavy and requires constant maintenance.
Your mind is always at battle with your ego.
Your heart cannot be heard above your emotional screaming.
Life is very heavy and terribly distracting.
Very few recall the true freedom that is their right, they only have vague notions of it.
If they did remember, the world would be a different place and the blackness would lose its filthy grip on the world.
You should dream of fathomless fulfilment.
Go to sleep with it on your mind, who knows where you will travel in your dreams?

Extensive Extreme

extensive extreme

Eternity, forever, the infinite, is not always a pleasant place, it is an extensive extreme.
It is not heaven or hell, it is everything.
It is as far out and as far in as possible.
It rises and falls, and it pains and pleasures.
Every thing you experience has extensive and far further limits than you could ever imagine.
It can be hot and cold at once.
It can be frightening and exulting, all at the same time.
Your mortal mind cannot comprehend such extremes.
That’s because your brain is locked to a single sequential track called time and gravity.
These heavy limitations create separation so that your limited senses can find some sort of logic in life.
Life is very structured and tidy compared to the infinite.
The infinite is not a scary place, unless of course you decide that it is.
The infinite is a reflection of your true heart.
So you would be wise to let it do its natural thing and don’t interfere, panic or fear.
There are extensive extremes even on this planet but intelligent choices keep you safe from most situations.
The infinite is no different in that sense, it’s all up to your consciousness to decide to avoid extensive extremes if it is not comfortable.

Extended Expansiveness

Extended Expansiveness
No matter how far you go in the infinite, there is still further, much further.
You can travel distance or you can stay where you are, it is all the same in the infinite.
No matter what you achieve, there’s more.
No matter where you go, there’s another place.
The infinite is an extended expansiveness.
On earth, closed minded humans believe that they are the ultimate, they are the intelligent, they are the advanced.
In truth, they are no more than single celled, wobbly life forms that have just crawled out of the sea.
Humanity is still on shaky legs, at the beginning of it’s extended awareness.
It has hardly started as yet.
The more you think you know, the further you are from the beginning.
Drop your vain and inane attempts at intelligence and learn to trust the intelligence of your infinite heart.
Let it lead you on to an extended expansiveness.

Everything Existing


Infinity is eternity, they go together naturally, each defines the other.
You can’t have one without the other, a bit like birthdays and presents.
You are already in the infinite.
This planet floats in endless space, in timelessness.
It floats in infinity.
If something is infinite it is complete, you can’t add or subtract from it.
This imperfect world floats in a completed existence, the infinite and eternal.
Everything existing is here, but because of your brain-washed outlook, you cannot see past your daily bread.
Your mental conditioning makes it very hard to see beyond what you have been told is true.
Your ability to think for yourself has been attacked since you were born and now, you hesitate to use it, in case you are mocked and rejected by society.
Since humans are social creatures this is a frightening scenario, so instead of thinking, they revert to conditioning, it’s much safer.
It is true that everything is existing right now, but that will probably conflict with what you learned at school, so forget I said it.
If you think you are different and are willing to take the risk and think for yourself, then start by asking your heart what’s going on.
Warning, you might not like the answer.

Everlasting Essence


You have no reason to be concerned with the passing of time.
You have no need to worry about missing out on some aspect of life.
You are an everlasting essence, you cannot miss out on anything because you are everything.
You are the answers you seek.
You are the god you gave up on.
You are an immortal consciousness, you cannot die.
You are lost in a very restrictive body that has a completely dumbed-down brain.
It’s nothing that you did wrong, it’s just the nature of this world.
It’s not what it appears to be and when you try to find out what’s going on, it’s too difficult to comprehend.
Your awareness has been bound and blinded in the darkness of ignorance.
It will not last forever, but it can last for a long, long time unless you make the effort to remember.
Be brave enough to consider outrageous ideas that conflict with your basic understandings, because these understandings are very wrong and they are what keep you in prison.
Your own ego is your prison guard.
If you were to remember that you are an everlasting essence, your ego would lose all of its power.

Ethereal Endlessness

etherealYour infinite heart is not heavy handed.
It won’t promise the world and give you spending money as well.
It won’t guarantee you will understand and offer a 30 day money back guarantee.
Your heart is light, fleeting, ethereal, not of this course world.
This world is all gum boots and leather gloves.
It cannot be compared to the ethereal endlessness of your infinite self.
It cannot be compared to the unearthly lightness of your eternal awareness.
Feel it now in your heart, it’s so gentle, like the hush of the setting sun on a summers evening.

Eternal Consciousness


You weren’t born, you exist within eternity, you had no beginning.
Within the infinite there are no beginnings and nothing finishes.
Everything always was and always will be complete.
It is an endless consciousness, an infinite awareness, an immortal something.
You are such a thing.
You have no need to fear anything on earth.
This world is separated within time, it is only temporary, it will reunite as soon as you remember the truth about yourself.
Good luck, it’s very easy to be seduced by shiny trinkets and pretty promises.
They are temporal, you are not, try not to forget.