Monthly Archives: June 2013

Bountiful Extravagance

There is nothing that is lacking.
All that is offered is all that can be, there is no more.
Your life can be as rich and as bountiful as you can imagine it to be.
It is up to you.
Too often you will be lost in the world that you live in and you will forget all that you have at your disposal.
There is more than you can ever use, extravagantly more than you could ever want, the universe is yours.

Beautiful Openness

I am the beautiful openness of all that is.
I have nothing to hide.
Only your ignorance stops you seeing my honest cleanliness and friendly welcome-ness.
I am an open door, a heart revealed.
There are no secrets, just places you have not found.
There is nothing to hide and nowhere for me to go.
I am openness, beautiful wide-openness.

Basic Foundation

There is a thread, a river of life that runs through everything.
This life is the basic foundation of existence.
It is not static or rigid.
It is alive and moving and unpredictable.
It is the basic, flowing foundation of all that there is and was and ever will be.
This is me, this is you.
It moves without restriction, it is the basic foundation of all that can be known.

Ancient Knowingness

I am ancient when measured by worldly times.
I am eternal, forever.
I have seen the past as far back as it travels and I have seen the future even further.
I am knowingness, there’s nothing outside of me.
I know and I send myself further and further into the far reaches of myself to experience.
I am the beginning and the end for they are the same.

Absolute All

absolute all
I am absolutely all that I see.
There isn’t anything more.
There are no exceptions.
It is all equal, it is all me.
None of it is sacred or wholly, it’s all the same it is me.
You can bend it, twist it, use it, abuse it, do what you will.
No one will be offended and nothing will break.
It is all me but it is all you as well but you forgot.
Maybe this will help you remember.