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Delectable Reality

delectableReality is a sumptuous meal, featuring the rarest of tastes and the finest of aromas.
These sensations arise from not only what you see around you, but from other dimensions, other realms, unknown worlds.
What you see before you is not the totality of reality, it is but a sip of the ready wine, a waft of the full buffet.
Life is on countless levels.
It exists in dimensions you cannot comprehend and in worlds you can never visit.
And it is all happening where you are right now.
Life is delectable, so delicious but your body can only cope with the smallest hint of taste.
Trying to make your body comprehend the feast of life, is like hoping a rocking horse can drink the ocean.

Deepest Delights

deepestThe deepest delights lay within your ability to release your own concerns.
Let go of all of the things that worry you.
You do not have the resources to change the nature of life.
You do not have the intelligence to understand where life is going.
Let go and let me, your infinite heart, your eternal awareness nudge you through your days.
Let me whisper what you need to know and take you to where you want to be.
I am not hidden, I am shunned, by your mind.
You have blocked me out.
Let go and let me help you remember your deepest delights.

Darkest Secrets

The darkest secrets are in your own mind.
I have nothing to hide, my heart is open.
My heart is your heart.
Only your mind makes barriers between you and I .
There is no difference, there is no wall.
Get rid of your dark secrets and open your mind up to the intelligence of your heart.
You will not find any answers in the physical world, they are already in your heart.
There are no dark secrets in the infinite consciousness.
They are all in your head, in your fears, your forgetfulness and your self-doubt.

Cosmic Comprehension

You cannot understand the whole because you see yourself as a part of the whole.
You see but a small corner of the immensity of life.
I am the whole biscuit, the full story, the complete picture.
I know where I am going and what I am and what will be.
I comprehend because I am all.
If I was one atom less, I would not understand, but I do.
I am cosmic comprehension.

Continual Character

There is no break in the honesty, peace, love, mystery, strangeness of the universe.
It is consistently unpredictable, big-hearted, creatively expanding and intriguingly both good and bad.
The universe is consistent, you’re not, so you think life is inconsistent.
No it’s only you.
Life is unpredictable and fascinatingly impossible but it is consistent in character, in flavor, in heart.

Conscious Creativity

There is a purpose behind every single action, every tiny movement, every hint of tendency.
The purpose is hidden, not because it is sneaky or especially reserved for the elite but because you are not intelligent enough to see such vastness, nobody is.
The universal intelligence is going somewhere it’s never been to before, it’s essence is creativity.
It is ever aware of every aspect of its being.
Cosmic intelligence is a conscious creator, it is an aware direction, a clarified purpose.
Everything that happens, it uses to its advantage, to take it further along its own path to somewhere else.
Every action is brand new, every moment has never occurred before and every direction is unique.

Complete Copiousness

Complete Copiousness
To see yourself as lacking is to see yourself with only one eye open, one leg missing and with only a partly functioning brain.
You have never lacked anything except the ability to see clearly.
Your eternal consciousness has more than you could ever seek and offers more than you could ever ask for.
You are not lacking, you choose to be blind.

Ceaseless Completeness

There is nothing more to add in infinity, it is complete, endless and cannot be made better or worse.
I am the ceaseless completeness, I am the infinite totality.
Your true heart is everything.
It contains the answer to every puzzle as well as being the cause of impossible puzzles.
It does not play along a straight line, like life on earth appears to.
It is in every dimension and covers very direction.

Boundless Being


I am life.
I am infinite and eternal and further than that.
I am without limit, up and down, throughout endless dimensions.
I have no boundaries.
I am a being, not a was or a maybe.
I am a being, I exist now, now, now.
I am an unlimited moment.

Blatantly All


Life is everything, absolutely every single aspect of existence.
It is all things without exception.
Life is blatantly open.
It is blatantly everything you can see, imagine, think about and remember.
It is blatantly you, him, her and everyone else.
Life is not subtle, it’s painfully in your face.
It’s lessons confront you with a slap, a blatant smack in the mouth.
It doesn’t seem to care about your personal sensibilities.
Isn’t that funny?