Monthly Archives: August 2013

Essential Existence


There is a core, a beautiful thread that runs through existence.
It is an exquisitely refined light that twists and turns like a thread of silk in the wind.
This thinnest web, this slimmest thread, is essential existence.
It is the heart of hearts, it is the source without adornments, it is the light without the haze, it is the rainbow without the mist.
It is the heartbeat of the cosmos and the breath of galaxies, it is essential existence.

Endless Entirety


There is no end to the eternal, the infinite, the evermore, the endless entirety that makes existence.
There is no end of change, ceaselessly new patterns are born, new structures, new worlds and dimensions.
There is no end of the brilliant, enticing variety that the source ever gives birth to.
Endlessly your life swirls and mixes like aromas in an infinite cafe.
Always the new comes forth, to shuffle the old aside and to refresh existence every moment.

Empty Entity

emptyThe fulness of your life does not come from your heart.
It does not come from your infinite awareness, that eternal something that you are.
That eternal something is complete, infinite and cannot be added to or subtracted from.
It is an empty entity made full be your reactions.
You reactions make life.
Your interpretations and emotions create the world you live in.
Life is empty, this world is created by the imaginations of every living thing in it.
You beliefs fuel existence and send it on it’s awry path to somewhere else.
This somewhere is what you think of as the future until you arrive, then you call it now.
Then the process repeats.

Elegant Existence


This is a finely balanced existence.
Every moment falls into the next, to create a brand new situation.
Every moment existence rebuilds, based on the past and inevitable future.
The future is set, one day, a long, long way away, everything will return to the source.
Every moment is like an infinite web of interactions, an elegant interplay of vibrations both whispered and screamed.
They all come together to make beautiful, rich and varied reality.
This elegant existence forever falls into the next perfect moment.

Delicious Oneness


I am totality.
I am one, zero, complete and full.
I am oneness.
You are me, but as a human, you cannot know me.
Your body is not capable of seeing or hearing clearly, it has been corrupted and polluted by unseen powers that would enslave the whole of humanity.
I call you through the portal of your heart, constantly.
I use your dreams, the stories you read and the people you meet to help you remember.
The memory of your true self, your true heart is fuzzy but occasionally you will glimpse it’s delicious oneness and it will cause a shiver down your spine and perhaps a tear in your eye.
You are not lost or alone, I am you and with you at all times.
I am you, but you forgot.
Don’t worry it will all come back to you in time.

Delightful lightness

Your body is heavy, your problems are heavy.
Life is light.
Your mind creates the feeling of being weighed down by gravity.
Your constant feeling of separation from your heart makes your life more difficult.
Life is light.
Your ego crushes your self-confidence and teaches you lies, to keep control over your body and to keep your heart hidden from the light of day.
Your heart is the doorway to the infinite something that you forgot you are.
Your heart is the gateway to your delightful lightness, your infinite awareness.
Your life is light but you forgot about what you are.
You are an eternal consciousness.
You are an immortal something.
You have never died, your consciousness has moved that’s all.
Open your heart.
Allow some of the delightful lightness of life to dawdle into your days and to make everything just that little more flippant!
How delightful, how charming.