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Extended Expansiveness

Extended Expansiveness
No matter how far you go in the infinite, there is still further, much further.
You can travel distance or you can stay where you are, it is all the same in the infinite.
No matter what you achieve, there’s more.
No matter where you go, there’s another place.
The infinite is an extended expansiveness.
On earth, closed minded humans believe that they are the ultimate, they are the intelligent, they are the advanced.
In truth, they are no more than single celled, wobbly life forms that have just crawled out of the sea.
Humanity is still on shaky legs, at the beginning of it’s extended awareness.
It has hardly started as yet.
The more you think you know, the further you are from the beginning.
Drop your vain and inane attempts at intelligence and learn to trust the intelligence of your infinite heart.
Let it lead you on to an extended expansiveness.

Everything Existing


Infinity is eternity, they go together naturally, each defines the other.
You can’t have one without the other, a bit like birthdays and presents.
You are already in the infinite.
This planet floats in endless space, in timelessness.
It floats in infinity.
If something is infinite it is complete, you can’t add or subtract from it.
This imperfect world floats in a completed existence, the infinite and eternal.
Everything existing is here, but because of your brain-washed outlook, you cannot see past your daily bread.
Your mental conditioning makes it very hard to see beyond what you have been told is true.
Your ability to think for yourself has been attacked since you were born and now, you hesitate to use it, in case you are mocked and rejected by society.
Since humans are social creatures this is a frightening scenario, so instead of thinking, they revert to conditioning, it’s much safer.
It is true that everything is existing right now, but that will probably conflict with what you learned at school, so forget I said it.
If you think you are different and are willing to take the risk and think for yourself, then start by asking your heart what’s going on.
Warning, you might not like the answer.

Everlasting Essence


You have no reason to be concerned with the passing of time.
You have no need to worry about missing out on some aspect of life.
You are an everlasting essence, you cannot miss out on anything because you are everything.
You are the answers you seek.
You are the god you gave up on.
You are an immortal consciousness, you cannot die.
You are lost in a very restrictive body that has a completely dumbed-down brain.
It’s nothing that you did wrong, it’s just the nature of this world.
It’s not what it appears to be and when you try to find out what’s going on, it’s too difficult to comprehend.
Your awareness has been bound and blinded in the darkness of ignorance.
It will not last forever, but it can last for a long, long time unless you make the effort to remember.
Be brave enough to consider outrageous ideas that conflict with your basic understandings, because these understandings are very wrong and they are what keep you in prison.
Your own ego is your prison guard.
If you were to remember that you are an everlasting essence, your ego would lose all of its power.