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Fathomless Fulfilment


What you see in the infinite is determined by what you seek.
If you seek happiness, fulfilment, intelligent insight, then you will find it.
If you seek nothing but an expansion of your own being, you will find it.
You have freedom, unlimited freedom, if you can control your imagination and trust your infinite heart.
On planet earth, you have very little freedom and you are taught that this is normal, it isn’t.
You have the right to infinite freedom and fathomless fulfilment but you have lost the understanding of these things.
You can’t look for what you don’t remember losing.
Everything on earth is a limitation.
Your body is heavy and requires constant maintenance.
Your mind is always at battle with your ego.
Your heart cannot be heard above your emotional screaming.
Life is very heavy and terribly distracting.
Very few recall the true freedom that is their right, they only have vague notions of it.
If they did remember, the world would be a different place and the blackness would lose its filthy grip on the world.
You should dream of fathomless fulfilment.
Go to sleep with it on your mind, who knows where you will travel in your dreams?

Extensive Extreme

extensive extreme

Eternity, forever, the infinite, is not always a pleasant place, it is an extensive extreme.
It is not heaven or hell, it is everything.
It is as far out and as far in as possible.
It rises and falls, and it pains and pleasures.
Every thing you experience has extensive and far further limits than you could ever imagine.
It can be hot and cold at once.
It can be frightening and exulting, all at the same time.
Your mortal mind cannot comprehend such extremes.
That’s because your brain is locked to a single sequential track called time and gravity.
These heavy limitations create separation so that your limited senses can find some sort of logic in life.
Life is very structured and tidy compared to the infinite.
The infinite is not a scary place, unless of course you decide that it is.
The infinite is a reflection of your true heart.
So you would be wise to let it do its natural thing and don’t interfere, panic or fear.
There are extensive extremes even on this planet but intelligent choices keep you safe from most situations.
The infinite is no different in that sense, it’s all up to your consciousness to decide to avoid extensive extremes if it is not comfortable.