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Grand Designer

grand designer

There is a beautiful structure to life.
Nothing is separate, somehow, often in the strangest way, all things are connected.
You are taught either it’s all luck or some handsome god guy just put it all together in a few days then left the humans in charge.
Neither of these stories hold up to scrutiny, but since most people never bother looking, either story satisfies the masses.
There is a sort of grand designer, but not that old guy who posed for some of those 17th. century paintings.
No, the designer is the design.
Existence is the beginner, the first source, the original idea.
Existence is an infinite intelligence, an unknown grand designer, a thing unseen, a force indescribable, a wonder too great to ever comprehend.
The design is the designer, there is no separation.
The structure of life is life itself, it cannot be known.
Can the air know the breeze?
Can the water know the current?
Can the smoke know the flame?
The design cannot know the designer.
They are one the same but different expressions.
They are the same face but from opposite sides.
There is a beautiful structure to life, must be a beautiful grand designer that did it.

Giving Wholeness


The universe, life intelligence, infinite awareness, does not take, it gives.
It gives you existence.
It gives eternity to play within and within this openness is wholeness, fulfilment and completeness.
Everything that could ever be sought is there, right now.
Reality is wholly complete, waiting for you to bring what you desire into being.
In the infinite, this is natural and the way of things.
On this world, this ability has been diluted to such an extent, that it only happens erratically.
You are missing out on the giving wholeness of the infinite.
You have forgotten what you are and what you have and what is available.
You are trapped in your mind with your ego holding a gun at your head, threatening to embarrass you, should you decide to get off the boring and safe path of tradition.
Tradition has trapped you.
The only way out is through your heart.
Escape today and turn to your heart.
Be open to the giving wholeness of forever.

Fundamental Fullness

&fundamental fullness

There are no more vacancies within the infinite.
Every spot, space, corner and room is full, full to the limit, maybe full to beyond the limit, for there are no limits in the infinite.
It is spread out further than the senses can comprehend and deeper than itself.
It penetrates other dimensions, leaving no place empty of fundamental fullness.
The essence of life, the intelligence of existence, fundamental fullness, fills existence with it’s indefinable essence.
This essence pours across the eternal, like a continual tidal wave bringing nutrients and change for all without exception.
Fundamental fullness is the air you breathe, the earth you walk upon and the very thoughts you think.
It is the laughter in the stillness, the happiness in the darkness and the sunshine through the rain.
It is all things imagined and all things impossible to consider.
Fundamental fullness fills your life.