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Greatness Fulfilled

greatness fulfilled

It’s easy to feel that life let’s you down and that everything is wretched.
It’s easy to get lost in your own emotions.
You have to fight these feelings.
Don’t fall into the arms of the enemy, it will only make things worse.
Your heart is the doorway to greatness fulfilled.
It contains all of the highest goals achieved, all of the most honourable mountains climbed and all of the most wonderful moments completed.
It is greatness, not the earthly kind that is always accompanied by ego.
This is true greatness, greatness for the greater good of the cosmos.
This world has no space for greatness at the moment.
There are no statesmen, no heart-felt leaders, no honor or honesty in business.
Humanity has sold out and is left with mediocrity and an insatiable lust for money.
But all is not lost, you can always find greatness through the infinite something that you are but you have to seek it.
It will not just present itself, you have to become it to know it.
Then it is not greatness it is a naturalness.
The higher moral values in life should be natural but on earth they are mocked and seen as a path for losers.
Existence is greatness fulfilled but you will not find it until you seek to become it.