Monthly Archives: April 2014

Happiness Heart


Happiness is contentment mixed with gratitude.
Happiness is peace kissed by laughter.
Happiness is serenity tickled by clarity.
Your true heart is happy, it is fulfilled and complete.
Your physical heart is desperate, it is lost and troubled.
Your ego causes you confusion, it lies and justifies foolishness.
It endlessly demands attention and is forever dissatisfied.
It’s your ego, nobody else can do anything about it.
It’s up to you to take control, so that your true happiness heart can lighten your day.
Take more time for peace.
Stop rushing everywhere.
Go out into the country sometimes and listen to nature.
It’s not that difficult to make room for a little peace in your heart.
Only when you make peace, can peace flood into your life.
Then all of the extras will flow with it and give you a true happiness heart.