Monthly Archives: May 2014

Higher Goodness

Higher goodness

Higher goodness is not higher because it is some sort of special award for your holiness.
Higher goodness is higher because it lifts your life higher, it lifts your spirits higher.
Conventional life is a drag.
It is drab and demanding.
It is lowly and debilitating.
You don’t have to march to this miserable melody.
You have the power to change the level of your life.
You can lift yourself out of the sticky mud of tradition and rise to the higher goodness in your heart.
Higher goodness is a choice.
It is not luck or good timing or a gift from some demented god who loves you particularly.
Your infinite heart is full to overflowing with goodness, all you have to do is stop every now and then and sip from its outflowing stream.
Stop for a while and sit quietly so that your heart has a chance to spread its endless goodness into your life.
Get the point?
Stop for a while, you are on a crazy, dangerous treadmill that will only ever take you down.
Trust your heart, it’s you, more of you.