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Incalculable Insight

incalculable insight

Imagine if you were a time traveller from the 17th. century.
Imagine yourself, standing at the end of a factory that produced laptops.
You have never seen one before and you pick up the finished article and try and work out who invented it, who built it, what does it do and how does it work?
It would be impossible to understand.
Life is a bit like that, you are at the end of the factory production line.
When you look in a mirror, you are seeing a finished product.
Life intelligent is full of incalculable insight but humanity barely touches this intelligence.
It prefers to use unreliable memories and circus tricks from its own mind.
Your infinite heart has more answers than questions asked.
It is an endless source of insight, information, understanding and delight.
You can access it readily from your heart after just a little practice.
Sit quietly, expect nothing and let your heart whisper.
It is full of incalculable insight, it is the designer, the builder and the purpose behind the finished product, you.