Monthly Archives: March 2015

Individual Infiniteness


Your individuality is infinite.
Your core is unique.
You true heart will never be lost.
Life does not repeat itself or double up in its designs.
Life is unique and brand new, incessantly.
Intelligent life is infinite in its scope, it has no need to repeat.
Your individual infiniteness is the unique stamp on your being.
It is your purpose for existing.
Your job is to explore whole universes wearing this particular coloured coat.
Nobody else has one like it.
This is your oddness or weirdness, your strangeness.
Rejoice in it.
Your individual infiniteness is your ticket to adventure across forever.
You are the only emissary expressing your particular true heart.
This planet has hidden the knowledge of your true name but it cannot hide it from your heart, turn to it now and seek to know your true name, your individual infiniteness.

Incessant Individuality

incessant individuality

You do not lose anything when you choose to listen to your heart.
You might lose interest in some of the inane entertainments that humanity uses to waste away its days but you will not lose your identity, your character, your individuality.
You will probably lose your vain interpretations of yourself, but they are trivial and superficial.
You have a heart, a true heart, a unique and infinite heart.
This is your eternal awareness, the thing that is your incessant individuality, your eternal personality.
Your individuality is the color combination you wear as a cloak, it is the unique song you sing to all you meet, it is the set of footprints you leave across the cosmos.
Eternity is made up of beings that are infinitely different.
Nothing and nobody is repeated.
No matter what world you choose to inhabit or what body you drift around in, you will still be you.
Not the human you, but the you at the heart of your human-ness.
The you that you cannot help but express, the you that drives you to do things your way.
Behind the foolish facade of your human conformity, you have an incessant personality, explore it!