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Infinite something

infinite something

You cannot use words to describe what only the infinite heart can understand.
People love to use the word ‘god’ to describe the unknown power that is the core of their belief in something else.
The word ‘god’ is a dangerous word to use, because it arouses powerful emotions in most people.
Many extend these emotions to ridiculous lengths and insist in trying to enforce it on others.
The infinite cannot be contained.
It is more than a human’s imagination.
It is bigger than you can envisage.
There are no words that can encapsulate its essence.
Words belong in the physical world, the thing being described has no limits.
It is infinite and it is something, work out the details yourself.
What you understand is all that is true.
Truth is your personal interpretation , it is not universal.
Infinite something probably doesn’t give a damn what you call him, her, it or them.
The main thing is, that you think about it, her/him or them and expand your mind.
You need to try and get out of the little pigs pen that your mind has been kept in for eons.
You need to broaden your perspective and depend less on words and more on your heart, your infinite heart.