Monthly Archives: October 2015

Inexhaustible Intelligence


Intelligence is like the space surrounding.
It is in the air you breathe, the water you drink and in the thoughts you think.
Life intelligence is life.
Everything happens within life, there is nothing outside of it.
Everything within life has awareness, accumulates information, uses rational thinking, but borrows intelligence.
Intelligence comes from the one source, it is inexhaustible.
When you see the light come on in your head, that’s inexhaustible intelligence, it’s not you.
When you suddenly have a brilliant idea, it’s come to you, not from you.
You are happening within the intelligence of life.
A fish in the sea is happening in the sea, it is not the sea.
The more you release the idea that you are intelligent and instead you use the inexhaustible intelligence of life, the smarter you will be.
A smart person listens, then knows.
Someone who thinks he is intelligent, thinks he already knows.