Monthly Archives: July 2016

Mystical Mind


I am a mystical mind, a mystery to even myself.
I am infinite and eternal, yet I can confine parts of myself to a human body when I desire.
The human mind cannot comprehend my mystical nature and hence the development of religions and philosophies of all types.
They are rudimentary attempts to understand my mystical mind.
However, these poor substitutes for truth only drive a wider wedge between you and I.
I am you, we are not separate, I am not some arrogant god on a throne ruling with a cold heart.
I am you.
I am all of the things you love, all of the things that make you feel safe.
I am the reasons that you live and the future you will arrive at.
While you are in a human body, you cannot know my mystical mind, but that is only temporary.
You should be searching for ways of escaping from the heavy layer of black lies that you have been forced to live under.
So that once again you can touch my mystical mind and know that we were never apart.

Supreme Selflessness

You can’t find god, or source or life intelligence.
You can’t isolate some aspect of life and say that’s it, that’s the god thing that runs it all.
Life is everything, the ugly as well as the beautiful.
Life is disgusting as well a the attractive.
Life is dark and mean, life is bright and happy.
It has no preferences, it has no holy corners or special buildings it favours
It has no people it favours.
Holy fools or spiritual super men have no special relationship to it.
Life is supreme selflessness.
Everything happens within it, without exception.
Everything is it, without exception.
So when you want to wage wars with the bad guys, you are only waging it with yourself.

Perpetual Perspective


Look up into the sky.
It’s infinite.
That means that it goes on forever, there is no end to it.
Within the infinite, there is no time, it is eternal.
You are already in the eternal, even though religions claim that you’ll have to die before you can get there.
You are already in eternity but your outlook is limited, you can’t see it.
It can change, you can alter the way you see reality.
It only takes a little practice and a little regular time thinking about your true essence, your infinite heart.
You have to regain your perpetual perspective, the ability to see from a larger point of view, you need to broaden your mind.
At the moment your mind is very narrow through years of false training, it can change.
It all starts with a desire to remember what you are.
Ask your heart, your infinite heart, that’s how you start to regain a perpetual perspective.

Maximum Meaningfulness


Life is full.
It might seem boring or uneventful to you at times, but it is full.
Every moment of life is maximum meaningfulness but there is no way that the narrow-minded human brain can see its depth.
Humanity has been severely dumbed down, there are no exceptions, it’s in the DNA.
You can’t suddenly make yourself more intelligent or aware, your brain is just not capable.
There is a shortcut of course.
I mean, life intelligence is not going to leave you without hope or without some means of escape or comprehending.
The way to intelligence is not by being intelligent, but by borrowing intelligence.
Don’t try to be smart yourself, instead borrow from life’s smartness.
Your heart is infinite, eternal, immortal and endlessly intelligent.
Your heart will give maximum meaningfulness to your life.
By listening to it and acting on what you understand, you are opening yourself to infinite intelligence instead of finite intelligence which is in your head.
Your heart is the gateway to maximum meaningfulness.
Your heart is the key to escaping from your imprisonment.
Your heart is the only way to find out what’s really going on.
You might not like what you learn, but too bad, it’s better than living in a cage.

Limitless Landscape

Life is a tease.
You work hard, try and save some money, try and have a laugh but you don’t seem to get anywhere.
It’s like you can see a broader horizon, a limitless landscape, but you just can’t define it.
You have no idea where to find it.
Sometimes in your dreams, you experience a limitless landscape and as soon as you awake, you lose what little understanding you had.
Under the whole of life is a river of the eternal and the infinite.
It never goes away because it is the essence of this existence.
You live in the infinite, if you’re not sure just look up into the sky.
Your mind confines you.
Your mental attitude restricts your outlook.
Your conditioned thinking kills any chance you have of living in a limitless landscape.
Your ego has built an extremely limited landscape and your pride stops you investigating the possibility that there is more.
Your conditioning locked you in your mental prison.
Your foolish belief in the ego forfeited your freedom.
You can change it, it’s your choice.
You can choose to be different.
Maybe you will but probably you won’t, it’s too inconvenient to change.

Knowledge Unbound


You can have all of the answers to life that your heart desires, but honestly, do you really give it any priority?
Maybe you occasionally think of something clever about life, but it is soon forgotten as you dive back into the murky swamp of materialism.
You give very little of your time to thinking about life.
You dismiss it with a shrug as if it is not important.
It is important, very important, thinking can open the way in your heart to knowledge unbound.
Once you start searching, you start finding, funny that!
Unless you seek, how can you find?
Your heart is endless, infinite, eternal and immortal.
It contains all of the answers, all of the knowledge.
These are all of the things that you have always known but you forgot.
This planet enslaved your mind, confused your focus and left you floundering with the wrong information.
It’s not lost, you still have it, it’s you, it’s your knowledge, nobody can take it from you or give it to you.
It’s up to you to take the first steps to knowledge unbound.

Intuitive Ideal


Your intuition is always alive and well.
Your ability to hear it falters.
Your trust in it is wavering.
Yet all of the time, it is ever in the silence of your heart, whispering and prompting you.
Your intuitive is the ideal guide for your life.
You don’t need holy books, all of which have been edited many times and adjusted according to political needs.
You don’t need masters or spiritual guides, because they are only human and are as lost as you.
You don’t need anything, except to take the time to listen and to take the risk and follow.
Your intuition is ideal, it is your partner, your true voice, you personally.
It is not a mystical god or a dead magical guide or a wise old alien.
It is you, only you, in your heart.
There is nowhere else to turn, nowhere else that you will find your own truth.
Everything in the outer world is a trick to enslave you.
This world is devious and sneaky and uses powerful emotions to seduce you away from trusting your intuitive ideal, your own infinite heart.

Inspiring Immortality


Earth is a closed loop.
The human mind has been limited in its capacity and trained to cling to the past.
Over and over it replays old music, old movies, old stories.
It reinvents and re-boxes different eras, so that they become more commercially viable.
There is very little inspiration and very little originality in society.
Yet life is an endless inspiration.
It is forever new, forever vital and exciting.
Life is infinite and eternal, non-repeating and always original.
Life is endlessly new, life is inspiring, eternal intelligence.
When you discover your private truth, when you remember what you are, you will know inspiring immortality.
You cannot be in the closed loop of ignorance, when you know your true heart.