Monthly Archives: August 2016

Primary Persona


I am the primary persona, the beginning, the end and all of the little bits in between.
I am called many things, god being one of them.
This term is misleading, it implies a personal relationship with me, and that I have one with you.
This is not true.
Your personal relationship is with your own infinite heart through your own heart.
You are responsible for your own well-being and this is done by learning to open your heart and let it guide you through your days on earth.
Let your heart rule to such an extent that eventually, you become your heart.
Then you will know what you truly are, an eternal something.
I am the primary persona.
I am infinite intelligence, infinite structure and the total.
I am the primary persona, that’s all you need to know about me, now it’s time for you to take the time to get to know yourself because you have forgotten.

Perfect Perception


You are blind.
You can only see to what you believe to be, the limits of reality.
These limits are narrow, they were taught to you.
They are unnatural and confining.
Your mind has been closed down slowly since birth.
You have been taught to reject anything not approved by big brother and to reject anyone who dares to be different.
Your perception is faulty.
Most of the time you can’t even see how lucky you are, how many wonderful things you already have.
Most of the time you are not appreciative of all of those that love you or your friends or even pleasant moments during the day.
Your blindness keeps you on the run, searching for something better.
You are ever hungry, never satisfied.
You need to stop for a while.
Slow down and look at what you already have.
Sit down and relax your mind, look into your heart and allow perfect perception to invade your life.
When you realise just how lucky you are, it will be like the sun rising after a storm, the lights coming on after a bad movie, waking up after a nightmare.

Noble Director



Humanity has been undermined by dark powers that control and enslave.
You have been lied to, mislead and tricked into believing the opposite to reality.
In reality you are an infinite awareness.
That information has been suppressed and your mind has been overrun by your ego.
Your ego is not interested in anything except itself.
It is self-glorifying, attention-seeking and never-satisfied.
This now undermines most of humanity and drives society in its insane urge to consume and then want more.
Beneath this layer of garbage, of false smiles and hollow promises, there runs a deep river of truth.
This is the noble director, the feeling to do the right thing, the urge to compassion, empathy between people.
This noble director sometimes breaks through when least expected and can quickly change the chain of events.
In cold business meetings, in a military situation, during a police interview and a thousand other scenarios, the noble director suddenly makes an appearance and just for a moment sanity returns and events take on a new direction.

Newness Forever


In the infinite, there is no duplication, no reruns and no history repeating itself.
The infinite is brand new, original, unique and different, every single moment.
It is newness forever.
Life on earth is restricted to the same old.
This is intentional.
People are stuck in the past.
Nostalgia is big business and easy business because you just keep putting out the same old products, time after time but with slightly different packaging.
Music is rehashed, leaving very little room for new and innovative works.
With art the emphasis is on the so-called masters.
Who said they were masters?
A government and then other governments and corporations agreed.
Now the old masters are products that go round and round the world, same old, same old and the money just keeps rolling in.
Movies are reruns.
Television stations repeatedly play old shows.
This is unnatural.
Newness forever is natural and if this was allowed on planet earth, the world would become an amazing wonder in a very short time.

Naked Truth


The naked truth is too harsh for most to face.
You are an infinite awareness, an eternal consciousness, an immortal something.
You have been hidden from this reality and fed fairy tales and myths to keep you distracted.
The foundational values in your heart are twisted and unstable, yet these are the ones that hurt the most to replace.
Stand up to your ego and make it face the naked truth, make it accept the idea that you are much more than you can remember.
Think on this many times each day.
Soon it will seem only natural and you will wonder why the big deal.
But until then, your heart is hidden under the mud of modernity and the silliness of civilization.
The naked truth is hard to accept but once you do, you open the floodgates to so much understanding from your heart.
Then you will start to remember.
Once you accept the naked truth, you cannot turn your back on it, it’s too raw!

Intangible individuality


You cannot properly define yourself, you exist on too many levels.
You do not see the depth of your heart or the true character of your infinite self when you are standing in a body peering out into a limited world.
Your individuality is intangible, it is beyond mere words.
It is a drive, a sense of purpose, a sense of reason for being.
A few words can give you a glimpse.
Keep asking your heart and you might discover them.
But remember, a glimpse is not the view.
Your true heart words are mere hints of your infinite depth.
They are poor reflections of the real thing.
So don’t get carried away with your words, they are only an approximate guide, not the map.
Your infinite heart has intangible individuality, it is vast in its scope and exciting in its purpose.

Jewelled Revelation


Your life is full of revelations, your mind is too busy to notice.
Jewelled wonders litter the path you walk upon each day but if you are preoccupied with noise, obsessions, entertainment and worries, you will not see them.
Life is not hidden from you, you are simply blind to it.
You are conditioned to reject anything that seems odd, alien or strange.
Instead of picking up these gems, you are avoiding them.
You have been taught to mistrust the unusual.
If something is not approved by the media, it mustn’t be true.
So many treasures are trampled on daily as you climb your frustrating hills to nowhere.
Instead of taking the time to consider rare oddities, you mock them and quickly move on, in case they tarnish your vain mind.
Your vanity blinds you to anything that is not conventional.
This world is a scam, a con, a trick.
It is a big delusion.
It doesn’t have to be.
You can learn to see through its falseness if you wish.
You can pick up the jewelled revelations along your path if you decide to.
But, the chances are you won’t and the chances are that you will even forget this writing in two minutes time.