Monthly Archives: September 2016

Seeing Self

Your self, your infinite self, your eternal consciousness sees and knows everything.
You cannot hide or keep any secrets.
It knows your every mood and intention.
It reads your heart and knows your mind.
It helps you through your days with gut feelings, urges to act and even spontaneous decisions.
It offers an endless supply of whatever you need.
Trouble is, you can’t hear it for most of the time and the few times you do, you ignore it because your ego knows better.
It doesn’t have to be this way.
You can change it, by trying to remember what you are.
Ask your heart, your seeing self, your true self, the more of you that you forgot about.
Really, it’s only trying to help because, it is you, but you forgot all about it.
Now madness rules instead!

Real Honesty

Most people have trouble revealing their intentions.
They wouldn’t if they were honest.
Since birth, your mind has been mislead.
Now you are never fully confident, never quite sure about who and what you can trust.
You like to leave a little doubt for everyone.
This is not a good way to live.
It undermines your health, your contentment and leaves you ever-hungry for something to satisfy your mind.
You are missing only one thing, real honesty
You cannot achieve this in your present state of anxiety.
However, if you start to know your infinite heart, that blatantly honest, eternal thing that is more of you, you will have no choice but to express real honesty because that’s all it knows.

Quintessential Hugeness


Life is not limited to your understanding of planet Earth.
Intelligence is not stuck at the low standard reached by humanity.
It is unlimited and as vast as the infinite sky.
Humanity is stuck in a bog of its own making.
Instead of looking out into the infinite with its dreams, it has been looking into a mirror, admiring itself and its past.
Humanity is out of touch with the quintessential hugeness of life.
This essence is the wholeness, the completeness, the typical and the ideal, all as one.
It is within every tiny dot of existence.
It is in every atom, every particle, every movement of energy.
Man looks down, sees his feet, gets impressed and that’s it.
He needs to look up into the infinite sky and then to reach for his own heart to touch the quintessential hugeness of life.
Then this will take the heart of humanity out of the swamp and into the stars.

Quality Unrefined

qualityThere is a quality that has been tampered with.
This is the quality that humanity produces.
It goes through a series of process to refine the product until finally, it is at its best.
The first stage wasn’t good enough, so it is done again and again and again.
This is humanity’s attempt to mimic nature.
Nature is quality unrefined.
It is not polished, corrected and put in a shiny packet, it is born that way.
Life is quality unrefined.
It is perfect and then the life form that uses it, creates the chaos that it lives within.
Life is complete.
You are not and you don’t have to be.
However, you can live within the completeness of quality unrefined, if you simply trust it and mind your own business more often.

Prime Personality


I am intelligent life.
I am the thing that all other things have come from.
I am the prime personality before it is separated through dimensions to become unique individuals.
I am your past and your future.
I am your dimmest, furthest memory, I am your source.
You are a personality, a cosmic personality, this is your true heart, your cosmic essence.
This is why you do what you do and yearn to achieve what you want to achieve.
Your true heart is the gift you give to this world.
To reveal it, all you have to do is quiet your ego and your heart will sing.
Your infinite self is your true heart, they are one.
This is a part of me, all is a part of me, I am prime personality.