Monthly Archives: October 2016

Vast Viewpoint


It is difficult to see much further than your finger tips, when you are limited to a human body.
Not only are your senses limited but the brain has been so severely restricted and twisted, that it has trouble seeing anything that conflicts with what is politically correct.
Human beings have been bent to become social conformists.
They shun anything outside of the teachings of big brother that rules over them.
There is a vast viewpoint through the heart, but it is visible only to a very, very few.
This is not for any reason except personal choice.
Most are too afraid to look anywhere but the media for their answers to life.
This vast viewpoint lays unused in the corner of the heart, like an old magic lamp, the genie is asleep and the lamp is tarnished and covered with dust.
If you could see its value you would be awe-struck.
But humanity prefers to chase pretty bubbles in the wind.
The vast viewpoint is waiting right now, in your heart.
Nobody is looking, why don’t you take a peep?

Unlimited Understanding


You can never have understanding of any part of existence because all of existence is unlimited and your understanding is not.
You only ever have a relative insight into any aspect of life.
Life is eternal and infinite so at the best, you catch a sparkle of knowing or a shadow of understanding.
You cannot capture the whole thing because the whole understanding is the whole thing.
You cannot explain unlimited understanding because that is what gives you unlimited life.
You cannot sip the sea and explain it.
You cannot grasp at a cloud and then tell the world all about it.
You cannot watch a sunset and then explain eternity.
Be happy to be living within unlimited understanding but with full access to limited understanding whenever you desire.

Unending Unification


You cannot be alone, there is no such thing in existence.
You belong to an unending unification.
It is the one intelligence, the one something, the single entity divided into infinitesimal numbers.
It steps down and down endlessly.
It splits forever.
But always, it is an unending unification.
You are a part of this endless unity.
You are it, it is you.
Only your consciousness causes the division.
Your awareness is separate and this allows you individuality, for the experience of existence.
But your individuality is borrowed, for you are the one.
You are the unending unification, you are a single spot of awareness, an aspect of the whole.
Isn’t that wonderful?

Uncompromising Uniqueness


Humanity compromises every thing.
It sells its integrity for a dollar.
It sells its peace for a little power.
It sells its heart for a snippet of glory.
These things rob each person of their individuality.
Every time you compromise in your life, you lose a little more of your uniqueness, you become a little more average, a little less interesting and feed straight out of the hand of big brother.
There’s nothing gained except a few moments of fleeting happiness.
But you have undermined your very essence, your uniqueness, your true heart, your infinite awareness.
Your heart is an uncompromising uniqueness, you spit on it every time you yield to the petty temptations of the ego.

Singular Summation


Trillions of things before your eyes.
You couldn’t possibly even list what you can see and sense.
It is an endlessly, moving, mystical view before you and it’s simply called life.
It is not ordinary, it’s extraordinary, down to the single, simplest detail.
Life is a fanfare of happenings, colours, relationships, comings and goings and all happening all of the time.
Yet for all its marvels, it can be summarised simply, there is a singular summation, a few words that say it all.
Life is intelligence, one singular intelligence that divided itself endlessly.
Life is consciousness, one singular consciousness that divided itself endlessly.
Life is manifold, yet it is a simple singular summation.
It is all.
It is.

Unbounded Unity


You can look up into the sky and see forever.
You can try and imagine an end of time, but there is none.
You live in an unbounded unity.
You exist within the essence of intelligent life.
There is no existence outside of it.
It is the unity, the source, the force, the magic thingy that somehow holds it all together and expects nothing in return.
It does not want your praise, your holy prayers or even your respect, those things all belong in the hearts of the vain and ego-centric.
The unbounded unity cannot be swayed by sucking up to it.
Religions encourage such behaviour, it’s really pretty dumb when you think of it.
It’s like going down to the ocean and praising it, hoping that when you dive in it will look after you.
The ocean really doesn’t give a damn what you do, you can even drown and it won’t show any concern.
The unbounded unity is that, nothing can bind it and nothing can hold it, yet it’s there in it’s fullness forever.