Vast Viewpoint


It is difficult to see much further than your finger tips, when you are limited to a human body.
Not only are your senses limited but the brain has been so severely restricted and twisted, that it has trouble seeing anything that conflicts with what is politically correct.
Human beings have been bent to become social conformists.
They shun anything outside of the teachings of big brother that rules over them.
There is a vast viewpoint through the heart, but it is visible only to a very, very few.
This is not for any reason except personal choice.
Most are too afraid to look anywhere but the media for their answers to life.
This vast viewpoint lays unused in the corner of the heart, like an old magic lamp, the genie is asleep and the lamp is tarnished and covered with dust.
If you could see its value you would be awe-struck.
But humanity prefers to chase pretty bubbles in the wind.
The vast viewpoint is waiting right now, in your heart.
Nobody is looking, why don’t you take a peep?