Vital Vastness


If life was as limited as you have been taught.
If logic ruled and tick-tock was the order of life.
If everyone was the same and the government knew best.
If these things that you believe in, were true, the universe would crush itself into annihilation.
These things and many, many more that you have been led to believe, put life in a neat little box and then limit the information that is fed into the box.
Life is not closed, not limited, not even knowable.
It is a vital vastness.
It is dynamic, intelligence.
Life is beyond the imagination.
Infinite and eternal are labels too limited to place on the vitality and vastness of life.
It is laughable and tragic that humanity should live under such a gloomy outlook, such a limited perspective.
Life is something that is outrageously unlimited and uninhibited in it’s lust for expression.
Get out of the little box you were born into, there’s an unbelievably vital vastness out there and it’s easily accessible through your own heart.
Wake up and do something before you die of self-inflicted boredom.