Worlds Unimagined


Plant earth is not the beginning nor the end.
Planet earth is just one of the zillions of inhabited planets.
Humanity is not intelligent, that is just vanity talking.
Humanity is immature, cruel and self-glorifying.
It shouldn’t be, but its DNA was fiddled with eons ago.
Ever since, it has been systematically dumbed down.
This world floats in the infinite and eternal.
There is no end and no beginning.
Worlds, planes, dimensions, existences, way beyond comprehension, imagination and interpretation all exist in abundance.
This planet is surrounded by worlds unimagined.
Sit quietly and ask your infinite heart about them.
Ask it to show you some.
There’s no secrets, it’s no big deal.
It’s just that most people are so narrow-minded that they would get the sweats just thinking about the possibility.
Ask your heart and then let your mind wander through impossible scenarios.
You will see worlds unimagined, but nobody will believe you, shows you how closed-minded they are!