Wonders Untouched


You can close your eyes anytime and ask your heart to show you something brand new, or another world, whatever, it’s your heart.
Ask it what you will, it’s simply more of you, so it won’t be angry or annoyed.
You don’t even have to be humble or holy, it’s only you, so no formalities are needed.
Let your heart show you wonders untouched, dreams un-lived and ideas un-dreamed.
Your infinite heart is eternal, immortal and infinite.
It is you but you have totally forgotten, not your fault but now that I’ve told you, there are no excuses.
Talk to your heart often, make it a habit.
Ask it about wonders untouched and it will show you that you are surrounded by such wonderful things already, but you have been blindly rushing by them, missing the beauty and joy that they offer.
Slow down, take the time to remember what you are, you yourself, are a wonder untouched.