Yearnings Satisfied


Life is a rush, demands are many, time is short.
Your dreams are shelved so that you can focus on more immediate needs.
You have bills to pay and mouths to feed, that’s life.
The years pass by and suddenly it’s nearly over.
You are not satisfied, life has not been kind, there’s plenty left undone.
So it seems.
You are only looking at the surface.
Life is not superficial.
Life is eternal and infinite, it is complete, fulfilling and leaves yearnings satisfied.
But only if you seek life.
Seek trinkets, you find trinkets, seek life, through your heart, you will find all of your yearnings satisfied.
Not because of the things you get, but because of the perspective you gain.
When you seek the heart, you start to remember.
You forgot what you are.
You forgot, you are much more, infinitely more than you remember.
You are an infinite awareness, an immortal consciousness with all yearnings satisfied.
Don’t look to the outer world to give you satisfaction, it can’t.
Look to your inner world for everything and the outer will take care of itself.