Naked Truth


The naked truth is too harsh for most to face.
You are an infinite awareness, an eternal consciousness, an immortal something.
You have been hidden from this reality and fed fairy tales and myths to keep you distracted.
The foundational values in your heart are twisted and unstable, yet these are the ones that hurt the most to replace.
Stand up to your ego and make it face the naked truth, make it accept the idea that you are much more than you can remember.
Think on this many times each day.
Soon it will seem only natural and you will wonder why the big deal.
But until then, your heart is hidden under the mud of modernity and the silliness of civilization.
The naked truth is hard to accept but once you do, you open the floodgates to so much understanding from your heart.
Then you will start to remember.
Once you accept the naked truth, you cannot turn your back on it, it’s too raw!

Intangible individuality


You cannot properly define yourself, you exist on too many levels.
You do not see the depth of your heart or the true character of your infinite self when you are standing in a body peering out into a limited world.
Your individuality is intangible, it is beyond mere words.
It is a drive, a sense of purpose, a sense of reason for being.
A few words can give you a glimpse.
Keep asking your heart and you might discover them.
But remember, a glimpse is not the view.
Your true heart words are mere hints of your infinite depth.
They are poor reflections of the real thing.
So don’t get carried away with your words, they are only an approximate guide, not the map.
Your infinite heart has intangible individuality, it is vast in its scope and exciting in its purpose.

Jewelled Revelation


Your life is full of revelations, your mind is too busy to notice.
Jewelled wonders litter the path you walk upon each day but if you are preoccupied with noise, obsessions, entertainment and worries, you will not see them.
Life is not hidden from you, you are simply blind to it.
You are conditioned to reject anything that seems odd, alien or strange.
Instead of picking up these gems, you are avoiding them.
You have been taught to mistrust the unusual.
If something is not approved by the media, it mustn’t be true.
So many treasures are trampled on daily as you climb your frustrating hills to nowhere.
Instead of taking the time to consider rare oddities, you mock them and quickly move on, in case they tarnish your vain mind.
Your vanity blinds you to anything that is not conventional.
This world is a scam, a con, a trick.
It is a big delusion.
It doesn’t have to be.
You can learn to see through its falseness if you wish.
You can pick up the jewelled revelations along your path if you decide to.
But, the chances are you won’t and the chances are that you will even forget this writing in two minutes time.

Mystical Mind


I am a mystical mind, a mystery to even myself.
I am infinite and eternal, yet I can confine parts of myself to a human body when I desire.
The human mind cannot comprehend my mystical nature and hence the development of religions and philosophies of all types.
They are rudimentary attempts to understand my mystical mind.
However, these poor substitutes for truth only drive a wider wedge between you and I.
I am you, we are not separate, I am not some arrogant god on a throne ruling with a cold heart.
I am you.
I am all of the things you love, all of the things that make you feel safe.
I am the reasons that you live and the future you will arrive at.
While you are in a human body, you cannot know my mystical mind, but that is only temporary.
You should be searching for ways of escaping from the heavy layer of black lies that you have been forced to live under.
So that once again you can touch my mystical mind and know that we were never apart.

Supreme Selflessness

You can’t find god, or source or life intelligence.
You can’t isolate some aspect of life and say that’s it, that’s the god thing that runs it all.
Life is everything, the ugly as well as the beautiful.
Life is disgusting as well a the attractive.
Life is dark and mean, life is bright and happy.
It has no preferences, it has no holy corners or special buildings it favours
It has no people it favours.
Holy fools or spiritual super men have no special relationship to it.
Life is supreme selflessness.
Everything happens within it, without exception.
Everything is it, without exception.
So when you want to wage wars with the bad guys, you are only waging it with yourself.

Perpetual Perspective


Look up into the sky.
It’s infinite.
That means that it goes on forever, there is no end to it.
Within the infinite, there is no time, it is eternal.
You are already in the eternal, even though religions claim that you’ll have to die before you can get there.
You are already in eternity but your outlook is limited, you can’t see it.
It can change, you can alter the way you see reality.
It only takes a little practice and a little regular time thinking about your true essence, your infinite heart.
You have to regain your perpetual perspective, the ability to see from a larger point of view, you need to broaden your mind.
At the moment your mind is very narrow through years of false training, it can change.
It all starts with a desire to remember what you are.
Ask your heart, your infinite heart, that’s how you start to regain a perpetual perspective.

Maximum Meaningfulness


Life is full.
It might seem boring or uneventful to you at times, but it is full.
Every moment of life is maximum meaningfulness but there is no way that the narrow-minded human brain can see its depth.
Humanity has been severely dumbed down, there are no exceptions, it’s in the DNA.
You can’t suddenly make yourself more intelligent or aware, your brain is just not capable.
There is a shortcut of course.
I mean, life intelligence is not going to leave you without hope or without some means of escape or comprehending.
The way to intelligence is not by being intelligent, but by borrowing intelligence.
Don’t try to be smart yourself, instead borrow from life’s smartness.
Your heart is infinite, eternal, immortal and endlessly intelligent.
Your heart will give maximum meaningfulness to your life.
By listening to it and acting on what you understand, you are opening yourself to infinite intelligence instead of finite intelligence which is in your head.
Your heart is the gateway to maximum meaningfulness.
Your heart is the key to escaping from your imprisonment.
Your heart is the only way to find out what’s really going on.
You might not like what you learn, but too bad, it’s better than living in a cage.

Limitless Landscape

Life is a tease.
You work hard, try and save some money, try and have a laugh but you don’t seem to get anywhere.
It’s like you can see a broader horizon, a limitless landscape, but you just can’t define it.
You have no idea where to find it.
Sometimes in your dreams, you experience a limitless landscape and as soon as you awake, you lose what little understanding you had.
Under the whole of life is a river of the eternal and the infinite.
It never goes away because it is the essence of this existence.
You live in the infinite, if you’re not sure just look up into the sky.
Your mind confines you.
Your mental attitude restricts your outlook.
Your conditioned thinking kills any chance you have of living in a limitless landscape.
Your ego has built an extremely limited landscape and your pride stops you investigating the possibility that there is more.
Your conditioning locked you in your mental prison.
Your foolish belief in the ego forfeited your freedom.
You can change it, it’s your choice.
You can choose to be different.
Maybe you will but probably you won’t, it’s too inconvenient to change.

Knowledge Unbound


You can have all of the answers to life that your heart desires, but honestly, do you really give it any priority?
Maybe you occasionally think of something clever about life, but it is soon forgotten as you dive back into the murky swamp of materialism.
You give very little of your time to thinking about life.
You dismiss it with a shrug as if it is not important.
It is important, very important, thinking can open the way in your heart to knowledge unbound.
Once you start searching, you start finding, funny that!
Unless you seek, how can you find?
Your heart is endless, infinite, eternal and immortal.
It contains all of the answers, all of the knowledge.
These are all of the things that you have always known but you forgot.
This planet enslaved your mind, confused your focus and left you floundering with the wrong information.
It’s not lost, you still have it, it’s you, it’s your knowledge, nobody can take it from you or give it to you.
It’s up to you to take the first steps to knowledge unbound.

Intuitive Ideal


Your intuition is always alive and well.
Your ability to hear it falters.
Your trust in it is wavering.
Yet all of the time, it is ever in the silence of your heart, whispering and prompting you.
Your intuitive is the ideal guide for your life.
You don’t need holy books, all of which have been edited many times and adjusted according to political needs.
You don’t need masters or spiritual guides, because they are only human and are as lost as you.
You don’t need anything, except to take the time to listen and to take the risk and follow.
Your intuition is ideal, it is your partner, your true voice, you personally.
It is not a mystical god or a dead magical guide or a wise old alien.
It is you, only you, in your heart.
There is nowhere else to turn, nowhere else that you will find your own truth.
Everything in the outer world is a trick to enslave you.
This world is devious and sneaky and uses powerful emotions to seduce you away from trusting your intuitive ideal, your own infinite heart.

Inspiring Immortality


Earth is a closed loop.
The human mind has been limited in its capacity and trained to cling to the past.
Over and over it replays old music, old movies, old stories.
It reinvents and re-boxes different eras, so that they become more commercially viable.
There is very little inspiration and very little originality in society.
Yet life is an endless inspiration.
It is forever new, forever vital and exciting.
Life is infinite and eternal, non-repeating and always original.
Life is endlessly new, life is inspiring, eternal intelligence.
When you discover your private truth, when you remember what you are, you will know inspiring immortality.
You cannot be in the closed loop of ignorance, when you know your true heart.

Inexhaustible Intelligence


Intelligence is like the space surrounding.
It is in the air you breathe, the water you drink and in the thoughts you think.
Life intelligence is life.
Everything happens within life, there is nothing outside of it.
Everything within life has awareness, accumulates information, uses rational thinking, but borrows intelligence.
Intelligence comes from the one source, it is inexhaustible.
When you see the light come on in your head, that’s inexhaustible intelligence, it’s not you.
When you suddenly have a brilliant idea, it’s come to you, not from you.
You are happening within the intelligence of life.
A fish in the sea is happening in the sea, it is not the sea.
The more you release the idea that you are intelligent and instead you use the inexhaustible intelligence of life, the smarter you will be.
A smart person listens, then knows.
Someone who thinks he is intelligent, thinks he already knows.

Intelligent idea


Existence is the result of one, simple but spectacularly brilliant, intelligent idea.
The whole of existence began with a thought in the 10th. dimension.
Far, far from practically life, something, infinities from here and dimensions above daily life, something thought of an idea that cascaded down the dimensions and created life as you see it everywhere around.
This first idea, so far from here, tickled the emptiness of perfection and cosmoses, galaxies, eternities and infinities are the result.
This first idea is deeply embedded in all of existence.
In every dimension, in every atom, in every tiny burst of energy, at the heart of all things, is the intelligent idea.
The intelligent idea is completeness, the beginning and the end.

Infinite something

infinite something

You cannot use words to describe what only the infinite heart can understand.
People love to use the word ‘god’ to describe the unknown power that is the core of their belief in something else.
The word ‘god’ is a dangerous word to use, because it arouses powerful emotions in most people.
Many extend these emotions to ridiculous lengths and insist in trying to enforce it on others.
The infinite cannot be contained.
It is more than a human’s imagination.
It is bigger than you can envisage.
There are no words that can encapsulate its essence.
Words belong in the physical world, the thing being described has no limits.
It is infinite and it is something, work out the details yourself.
What you understand is all that is true.
Truth is your personal interpretation , it is not universal.
Infinite something probably doesn’t give a damn what you call him, her, it or them.
The main thing is, that you think about it, her/him or them and expand your mind.
You need to try and get out of the little pigs pen that your mind has been kept in for eons.
You need to broaden your perspective and depend less on words and more on your heart, your infinite heart.

Individual Infiniteness


Your individuality is infinite.
Your core is unique.
You true heart will never be lost.
Life does not repeat itself or double up in its designs.
Life is unique and brand new, incessantly.
Intelligent life is infinite in its scope, it has no need to repeat.
Your individual infiniteness is the unique stamp on your being.
It is your purpose for existing.
Your job is to explore whole universes wearing this particular coloured coat.
Nobody else has one like it.
This is your oddness or weirdness, your strangeness.
Rejoice in it.
Your individual infiniteness is your ticket to adventure across forever.
You are the only emissary expressing your particular true heart.
This planet has hidden the knowledge of your true name but it cannot hide it from your heart, turn to it now and seek to know your true name, your individual infiniteness.

Incessant Individuality

incessant individuality

You do not lose anything when you choose to listen to your heart.
You might lose interest in some of the inane entertainments that humanity uses to waste away its days but you will not lose your identity, your character, your individuality.
You will probably lose your vain interpretations of yourself, but they are trivial and superficial.
You have a heart, a true heart, a unique and infinite heart.
This is your eternal awareness, the thing that is your incessant individuality, your eternal personality.
Your individuality is the color combination you wear as a cloak, it is the unique song you sing to all you meet, it is the set of footprints you leave across the cosmos.
Eternity is made up of beings that are infinitely different.
Nothing and nobody is repeated.
No matter what world you choose to inhabit or what body you drift around in, you will still be you.
Not the human you, but the you at the heart of your human-ness.
The you that you cannot help but express, the you that drives you to do things your way.
Behind the foolish facade of your human conformity, you have an incessant personality, explore it!

Incalculable Insight

incalculable insight

Imagine if you were a time traveller from the 17th. century.
Imagine yourself, standing at the end of a factory that produced laptops.
You have never seen one before and you pick up the finished article and try and work out who invented it, who built it, what does it do and how does it work?
It would be impossible to understand.
Life is a bit like that, you are at the end of the factory production line.
When you look in a mirror, you are seeing a finished product.
Life intelligent is full of incalculable insight but humanity barely touches this intelligence.
It prefers to use unreliable memories and circus tricks from its own mind.
Your infinite heart has more answers than questions asked.
It is an endless source of insight, information, understanding and delight.
You can access it readily from your heart after just a little practice.
Sit quietly, expect nothing and let your heart whisper.
It is full of incalculable insight, it is the designer, the builder and the purpose behind the finished product, you.

Imaginative Magnificence


Imagination creates systems, unleashes ideas, releases hearts and changes men’s minds.
Imagination is the tool that brings about change.
Imagination ignores the rules and creates new scenarios, new ideas and even new worlds.
Your eternal awareness rides on a wave of imaginative magnificence.
Every now and then, you need to get out of the rut of conventional thinking and let your mind play with ridiculous ideas.
Convention has subdued your creative thinking.
Fear of ridicule has squashed many of your unique solutions.
Your heart is a fountain of innovation.
It is the doorway to a river of imaginative magnificence.
All you have to do is ask.
Stop relying on your mind, it is asleep.
Stop depending on your brain, it is locked into the past.
Instead talk to your heart, your infinite heart.
It is the link to your infinite consciousness, that immortal, intelligent part of you that you had forgotten.
Go on ask it something.

Higher Goodness

Higher goodness

Higher goodness is not higher because it is some sort of special award for your holiness.
Higher goodness is higher because it lifts your life higher, it lifts your spirits higher.
Conventional life is a drag.
It is drab and demanding.
It is lowly and debilitating.
You don’t have to march to this miserable melody.
You have the power to change the level of your life.
You can lift yourself out of the sticky mud of tradition and rise to the higher goodness in your heart.
Higher goodness is a choice.
It is not luck or good timing or a gift from some demented god who loves you particularly.
Your infinite heart is full to overflowing with goodness, all you have to do is stop every now and then and sip from its outflowing stream.
Stop for a while and sit quietly so that your heart has a chance to spread its endless goodness into your life.
Get the point?
Stop for a while, you are on a crazy, dangerous treadmill that will only ever take you down.
Trust your heart, it’s you, more of you.

Happiness Heart


Happiness is contentment mixed with gratitude.
Happiness is peace kissed by laughter.
Happiness is serenity tickled by clarity.
Your true heart is happy, it is fulfilled and complete.
Your physical heart is desperate, it is lost and troubled.
Your ego causes you confusion, it lies and justifies foolishness.
It endlessly demands attention and is forever dissatisfied.
It’s your ego, nobody else can do anything about it.
It’s up to you to take control, so that your true happiness heart can lighten your day.
Take more time for peace.
Stop rushing everywhere.
Go out into the country sometimes and listen to nature.
It’s not that difficult to make room for a little peace in your heart.
Only when you make peace, can peace flood into your life.
Then all of the extras will flow with it and give you a true happiness heart.